Healthy southern cuisine, rich in tradition and relaxed as the Florida sunset.

Susan is passionate about great food and healthy living. That’s why she makes sure her marinades have all natural ingredients so the food on your table is delicious and wholesome for you and your family.  From her signature Original to her Spicy flavor, Susan's Southern Marinades are delicious, all natural alternatives to over-processed foods. Her marinades have no preservatives or MSG and are fat free and vegan. These versatile marinades are used for everything from grilled meats, vegetables, salads and rice to soups and dressings. If you are a health-conscious consumer, Susan’s Southern Marinade is a brand you can trust. Her commitment to high-quality, great-tasting products has made her marinades a successful artisan brand.


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I started making my marinade in 1986 when I lived on the island of Guam. My inspiration came from the Polynesian flavor profile of Finadene sauce made by the native Chamaros, who often invited me to their huge beach buffets. Finadene sauce was made from a blend of vegetables, lemon, peppers, soy sauce and spices. It was used on everything – tender meats, rice, salads and vegetables.

Later when my family and I moved to the Emerald Coast of Florida, we realized as much as we loved the regional cooking style here, we really missed the flavors and cuisine we left behind on Guam. This inspired me to invent my own marinade, developing a delicious recipe that I started using on everything I grilled and cooked.  My marinade began to take on a life of its own. I could hardly keep up with the demand from friends and family. This is when I realized I had something truly special.

The next step was to bottle my marinade and see if anyone would buy it. When I approached my first store, Albertson's, the manager said "yes" – and voilà!, Susan's Southern Marinade was born.  As I perfected my recipe for commercial consumption and added new flavors, my marinades spread to other stores. Today the high demand from amateur cooks and professional chefs alike, has been an exciting journey.  I trust you will enjoy cooking and grilling with Susan's Southern Marinades too.